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Read my terms of service before buying.Prices are in Euro / €The first hour is 45€ and the next starting hour is 15€.Extreme fetish/kink art will increase the price 50-200%Here you can see a portion of my artwork. Check my other social medias for more examples.Complex characters, wings, or designs may increase the price. About a 10-20€ complexity fee.Flat colored -10€Any species welcome !


Headshot badge45€Name included
Ask for background

Halfbody badge60€Name included
Ask for background

Bust / Halfbodies

Add on character is +35€


Add on character is +40€


Basic refsheet - starting at 100€
Front view and back view. The name of the character and color chart is included for free.
Text and other info are included if provided by the commissioner.
~50€ / per extra full-body view
~25€ / per extra headshot
~5-15€ / per close-up
If you want less, more, or a custom mix - let's chat!

Sticker Pack

One sticker 15€
Add on character is +10€
Buy 10 get one for free !

Room signs

Minimum of 2 characters.35€ / flat color per characterA simple background is free
A moderate background is +10€
Not interested in doing complex backgrounds.

Meme art

Price may vary from 20-50€
Drawn on a meme or heavily referenced. The quality of the artwork may vary depending on the meme or money provided. Very experimental !
These are made just for fun.

Didn't find the commission you were looking for? Send me a message. Let's see what I can do for you!

Terms of service


General info

Commission inquiries via Telegram.
I communicate only in English or Finnish.
You need to be at least 18 to commission me.
Payments via paypal invoices after commission has been approved by both parties. Banktransfer is possible if you are local. After fullpayment I'll start your commission.Please have a commission idea, prompt and a clear non-shaded reference ready to be sent. Clear pictures are workable. I'll ask for more info if needed. If info is not provided it will leave it out of the commission or choose it for you.Finnished commission will be sent as a high quality .PNG.Please do not remove my watermark. I always try to put it in a spot where it's not bothersome so please be respectful.All personal infromation is kept private and will not be distributed to third parties.Will not draw:
• Pornographic images of underage charater
• Discrimination and hateful themes
• Illegal themes
If I feel uncomfortable with your commission prompt I'll decline it, but feel free to ask !

Turn around time and deadlines

You can request a deadline while ordering your commisson. I might turn you down if I feel that I can't complete it to the said date or it does not work with my schedule. There may be a rush charge if the deadline is short. I don't work full time as a freelance artisti, commissions are made in between work and my free time.Try to respond within 24 hours. If you are unresponsive I retain the right to delay, move on to the next commissioner or in extreme circumstances cancel your commission.

Refunds, cancelation and Changes

If the client wishes to cancel mid work, they will pay for the work that has already been done and for the customer service time, rest will be refunded. If for any reason I'm unable to make your commission you will be refunded in full. A refund is not possible after the commission has been half made or done.If you are rude, unreasonable, or insult me while the commission is ongoing I have the right to decline it.If there is anything you want to be changed on the sketch, please ask for it to be fixed/changed. I will work my best to make it look to your liking. After the sketch phase approval, every edit will cost an additional fee. Fee will be charged on the amount of editing, 5-20€I'll fix any marking mistake I've made for free. I will not change an art piece after final approval.


I will post my artwork online. If this is an issue, please let me know beforehand. If you want to commission anonymously and not be tagged by name or handel to the work, inform me.I retain the right to use my artwork for commercial purposes, such as advertisements for commissions.I'm am not okay with the commissioner selling my artwork on merch or as prints.Art may be cropped or edited for personal use such as a website avatar and may be shared and stored online if credit is explicitly given. It is not permitted to use any part of the commissioned artwork as NFTs.